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We build custom software to business needs

How do we develop

Custom Software?

We use proven techniques and methodologies used by many companies in the industry. After all, the success of this has been fully proven. Our strength is innovation and developing features. This means that we are creative and proactive. We do all technical testing, users only test the way of working. We listen to users and their feedback. They ultimately determine the success of the project.


Introduction Meeting

Introductory meeting to we check whether there is confidence for cooperation


Investigation - analysis - process mapping


Build MVP – prototype


Project Deployment


Continuous Development

When can we be value for you to

develop your custom software?

When costs are important

  • We combine a local and offshore development team. This mix makes it possible to develop for attractive prices.
  • Our goal is satisfied users and a well functioning application. We do not charge for all the extra work during the project, we are used to additional wishes based on new insights that arise during the development process. Of course, it is all about balance. We try to avoid discussions about costs during the process. It often causes delays and can damage the quality of the product.

We develop in line with

common industry standards.

We develop in line with current industry standards. We are familiar with various development techniques such as - Waterfall Method and Iterative Methods. Like most software vendors, we prefer Agile (Scrum – sprints). It is a good approach to track speed - monitor developments & adjust if necessary - create buy-in for the project and measure the deliverables. Lean Start-up's innovation strategies have inspired us in how to approach developments.

We combine Scrum in combination with the experience we have with – Lean – continuous innovation and UML (unified modeling language).

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