When & why Next Level ValueI

In case cost & development time & quality is key for you in the right balance.

When cost is important.

  • We combine a local and offshore development team. This mix makes it possible to develop for attractive prices.
  • Our goal is satisfied users and a well functioning application. We do not charge for all the extra work during the project, we are used to additional wishes based on new insights that arise during the development process. Of course, it is all about balance. We try to avoid discussions about costs during the process. It often causes delays and can damage the quality of the product.

Development time is important

  • Increase speed: When developing custom applications, we make use of knowledge gained in other projects. Example – different user with different user roles – different authorization levels – notification schemes – APIs – social logins. Depending on the project we can use our knowledge & experience to increase the speed of delivery.
  • Increase speed: It partly depended on the size of the team. We can increase the size of the development teams.
  • Reduce time of your project team: We know from experience that customers don't like unit testing and integration testing. They are open to system testing and acceptance testing. We make sure that we do the first tests and that the system is alsmost error-free. Customers can check how the application works. Does the application meet the requirements?

Quality software

Quality can be defined in a Forrester report as: user experience - availability - performance - scalability - adaptability and security. Most software vendors can provide this. Key for an application is a positive user experience. This is where most of the time will be spent on project meetings. The features that needed to be developed are the essential purpose of the existence of the software application. Developing the right features will be based on custom requirements combined with our experience.

We proactively look for solutions. Our experience is that customers (due to lack of software knowledge) are often unaware of possible solutions that can be developed. When we share and discuss feature ideas, the customer's brain is stimulated. Often it generates some kind of enthusiasm, resulting in more requests and questions. It generates valuable input for new features.

We are specialized in building features. When this meets the user requirements - your project will be a success

We are professionals and easy to work with in a pleasant way. We develop in line with current industry standards. We are familiar with various development techniques such as - Waterfall Method and Iterative Methods. Like most software vendors, we prefer Agile (Scrum – sprints). It is a good approach to track speed - monitor developments & adjust if necessary - create buy-in for the project and measure the deliverables. Lean Start-up's innovation strategies have inspired us in how to approach developments.