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Next Level Value

Our company, Next Level Value has been in operation since mid-2017. Originally we worked together with a partner who built our software. Almost three years ago, we started to assemble our own dedicated development team. During this time we have developed various SaaS products for diverse customer groups ranging from large multinationals to governments and SME companies. In addition to these SaaS products, we develop custom software. Our core strength is innovation and developing features for software applications. We are creative - love chess and like to think about the following value for users. In this, we distinguish ourselves from our colleague software development companies.

What We Do

Our Core Values

We believe in the importance of creating value for customers and employers in both the short and long term. For creating value in the longer term it is important to keep the same developers in the team. Customer knowledge and application knowledge are important for developing new features. To retain developers, we strive for continuous improvement and implementation of new features by the use of the latest technologies. By following these values, we enjoy working and are able to deliver value.

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