Software that is not used is useless

Software implementation (roll-out) is an important part of software development

Implementation plan

to get the user on board is

essential for the success of a project

Software implementation is the process of adopting and integrating a software application into your company’s systems and workflows of the users.

Ultimately, the most important thing is the roll-out of the application in the organization and the use of the software by the employees involved.It sounds simple, but managing this part of the project is important to its success. Most people have some kind of resistance to change. User experiences are:

  • The rollout starts during development. The members of the project team must be promoters of the application. For a smooth rollout, you need to have some buy-in from some users. This will help roll out to all users.
  • If the application matches the expectations of users and the users see the benefit of the application, then users will start using it.
  • Since there are many roles in organizations, for some roles the value of the application will be higher. The higher the value for the user, the easier it is to roll it out to these users. Not all users have a helicopter view. Sharing the benefits for all users increases buy-in.
  • Training and management are essential to change culture and habits (existing way of working).
  • Support accessibility is "essential". When a user has a question, he needs an answer quickly. Providing this service has a significant positive effect on the adoption of the new system.

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