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The workflow of trade-in is made easier for the users.

About product

It supports users to intake used equipment. Right first time - uniform – professional intake by all users in the organisation. It is a cloud base application; this makes it easy to share these intake. Often a trade-in is part of a new sales deal. The workflow of trade-in is made easier for the users.

A salesman often has to trade in a machine when selling a new machine. Currently salesmen use Whatsapp – Email – Excel documents to record the description/inspection of the trade-in machine. With our App this process is optimized. The job is easier for salesmen. Multiple forms can be selected in the app for inspections. Different specifications apply to inspecting a forklift than for inspecting an excavator. The system can load existing forms or customer-specific forms. The administrator can easily manage the forms.

Easy-to-use forms users don't want to type much in the field. An important part of the inspections are photos. A maximum of 25 photos can be loaded into the app. All users of the organization can work professionally & uniformly.

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