When to consider?

Flexibility of your software is key. New future insights need implementable in the software

• Your company is developing and changing (continuous development)

• You expect to have new feature wishes in the short term or long term

• You would like to have peace in mind. The software must be adaptable if new requirements arise.


Often applications will be used by multiple users with different roles. They all value features differently as their work is also different. The initial project teams often don't oversee all needed features at the start.

Business is leading, not the software. When more users with different roles are involved during development and testing phase, new valuable feature requests will arise.

Custom software can generate value for users. When the database design is done properly changes can be implemented relatively easily.

In the end, we believe software must make professional life for users easier. When users see the benefits they will start using it. This is an important step in realizing initial project goals.

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