When to consider?

It is innovation it is something new.

• You see new opportunities but you haven’t found any software application that meets your requirement. They only meet partial your requirements.

Our Experience

We have build multiple SaaS applications form scratch.

• Experiences during the development, testing and implementation phases, is that users got more and more excited about the software.

Users often saw more and more possibilities to make their work more efficient (more and faster insights – increased speed of task – smarter cooperation – right first time – less redo – less mistakes – cost reduction – more happy customers – more data collection). Many features has been developed during these phases.

• With innovation flexibility in software development is key, as users cannot see upfront all potential valuable features.

Different users have different roles in an organisation and value features differently as their work is also different.

Abstract discussion is different from really working with the software. The last stimulates the brains of users and valuable features request pops up in their heads.

In case you expect new insight will arrise during the process custom software might be a perfect option for your application.

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