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CPQ - Application to manage your quotation work

Configure - Price - Quote (CPQ)

CPQ software is a term used in the business-to-business (B2B) industry to describe software systems that help sellers quote complex and configurable products. Often mentioned benefits: increased speed of the quoting time, shorter sales cycles - increased deal values - better customer satisfaction – reduction of errors - speed onboarding of new reps. All and more benefits are supported by CPQ.

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Remarketing app

Remarketing App

It supports users for inspecting (intake) used equipment. First time right - uniform - professional intake by all users in the organization. It is a cloud based application, this makes it easy to share these intakes. Often a trade-in is part of a new sales agreement. The workflow of the trade-in is made easier for the users.

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Vacature generators

Vacature generator

It supports and guides users in writing a vacancy text that aligns with company standards and matches the interests of potential candidates. The text should attract and motivate potential candidates to apply. It makes writing job descriptions easier for users. This application can work as a stand-alone system, and can also be integrated - linked with other systems (recruitment software applications or ATS).

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